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  • Collection: Clamor from the Community: Twentieth Century African American Social Justice Activism in Boston, MA

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African-American students stand in line indoors during Freedom House's Roxbury Work Study Project.

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Correspondence. Re: speaking engagements: Simmons College, 1971

"For 25 years Freedom House has been breaking down the walls that come between people. It's a beginning." Written on a poster under images of a mime.

Ebony Fashion Fair Planning Committee meeting examining “A Nation of Immigrants” pamphlet in Kennedy home in Hyannis: (l to r) Mrs. Joseph Kaplan, Muriel Snowden, Mary (Mrs. Herbert) Tucker, Helen (Mrs. Norris) Davis, Jacqueline (Mrs. John F.)…

murielsnowden kennedy.jpg
photograph of the Snowdens and John F. Kennedy at a public event.

Batson Pennant.jpg
Blue Felt Pennant: "March on Washington For Jobs & Freedom and Let the World Know We Want Freedom, 'I was There' Wed. Aug. 28, 1963."

Batson Teacher.jpg
Photo: Ruth M. Batson as a student teacher, seated on the floor with children playing with blocks.
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