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Freedom House 1.jpeg
African-American students stand in line indoors during Freedom House's Roxbury Work Study Project.

The prohibition of the sale and consumption of alcohol did little to change behavior and resulted in increased criminality to meet the continued demand. Within five years of its passage, a new national campaign to repeal the 18th Amendment was…

The Dr. D.A. Sargent Athletic School for Girls,” Boston Daily Globe, September 15, 1912.pdf
This newspaper article describes the opening season of Sargent Camp for Girls in 1912.

"For 25 years Freedom House has been breaking down the walls that come between people. It's a beginning." Written on a poster under images of a mime.

Newspaper article by architectural critic on Boston City Hall's new design

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 5.34.24 PM.png
In 2007, Architecture Boston asked 6 young architects to identify the “sins” of City Hall and suggest improvements that could be made. This example, by Moscow Architects, proposes adding glass vitrines that jut out from the building in order to add…

Ebony Fashion Fair Planning Committee meeting examining “A Nation of Immigrants” pamphlet in Kennedy home in Hyannis: (l to r) Mrs. Joseph Kaplan, Muriel Snowden, Mary (Mrs. Herbert) Tucker, Helen (Mrs. Norris) Davis, Jacqueline (Mrs. John F.)…

Describes climate, geology, transportation access, rehabilitation and development of the area; outlines prerequisites for design and space requirements; includes rules for design entries; a registration form; contains aerial views of downtown Boston;…
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